The Lords and Barons

Luxurious, extravagant and entirely unforgettable entertainment that will change kolkata nightlife experience . The city's biggest Disco lights come to life capturing the club's energy and sound. A vibrant nightclub scene with a cast of top performers and DJs, appetizing grubs, creative cocktails and five-star service staff. There truly is nothing else like it!

The club is decked out with a state of art sound system exclusive audio visual effect for ultimate guest interaction experience. Providing the utmost clarity for DJs and live acts, featuring talents around the globe paired with fireworks and fire acts.

The people make the party, and at TLB, you’ll find an A-list of renowned DJs and celebrity attendants from the industry’s elite. Our club’s hosted stars of all kinds and their performance under the dazzling club lights is something worth experiencing in Kolkata.

Bollywood DJs : Aqeel Ali, Lemon, Akhil Talreja, Bollywood brothers, Maria, Aakira, Shameless Mani, Proma, Kiran Kamath, Kaur, Jay-D, Muneca, Shreya.

Electronic Djs : Hybrid ProtoKol, Deva, The Urban Monks, 8-bit culprit, V: Society, Beat Oven, Ali Zee, Boerd, Ma- faiza, Almost Human, Calmchor, Berger, Tuhin Mehta, Brown Coat, Daitonik, Delika, Ocean tide, Distrot, Aum Shanti, Moss, Pradeep Maharana, Kunal G, Aaram.

Live Acts : Underground Authority, Yasser Desai, Desi Dhol Acts, Holy C and Tamara as Pole and Belly Dancing Acts.

Last but not the least, TLB features incredible and outstanding tracks by Resident DJ The Hardik Thakker with visual and theatrical performances unlike any other club.

If you’re looking for the best from Kolkata’s nightlife, TLB is your destination.

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